Sunday, May 8, 2016

Car Taxi in Jabalpur

Car Taxi in Jabalpur

Jabalpur is the most gifted city of central India of the state Madhya Pradesh. The city is blessed with natural beauties, including hills, waterfall, mounten, historical monuments. The city is one of the perfect places for tourism.
For witnessing the beauty of the city, a tourist from out of the state or out of the county has to book a car or taxi, which is easily available at feasible budgeted deals.

Private travels services provide these services in fewer budgets. Luxurious and non- luxurious cars/taxis are available at best prices accordingly.
For a comfortable journey car/tax travelling is highly preferable. Both long term and one day tax/car booking is available. Nowadays booking of cab is also being done through various mobile applications. And the state Govt. has also implemented its own rental car services, which is indeed good news.    
Overall, for roaming the beautiful city, Jabalpur of MP state. The tourist has to take no sheer stress for booking a taxi/car, as this facility is already available good prices and better services.

1. Innova A/C Rs. 12 Per KM Min Rs 3000 Per Day Rs 200 Per Night Driver Batta

2. Desire A/C Rs. 09 Per KM Min Rs 2250 Per Day Rs 200 Per Night Driver Batta

3. Indigo A/c Rs. 08 Per KM Min Rs 2000 Per Day Rs 200 Per Night Driver Batta

4. Tavera A/C Rs. 11 Per KM Min Rs 2750 Per Day Rs 200 Per Night Driver Batta




Name : Priyanka Dwivedi 

SBI Bank 

Branch -  Jayant 

Account no - 30438914695

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Branch code - 003991

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